Create Options For You & Your Family

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It’s so much more than nutrition.
Life is too short to live anything less than yourself.

Jody WagnerJoin a positive, supportive, and non-judgmental community.
Work with like-minded women, seeking a new opportunity, who simply want to feel better and are eager to help others do the same.

At the end of the day, everyone has a story of perseverance, overcoming, and grace. When you are ready to make that change in your life towards a better version of yourself, Jody will walk alongside you through your journey.

We are all just imperfect people showing up every day to better ourselves.” ~ Jody

Behind closed doors, are you experiencing…

  • Financial pressures
  • Lack of community and support
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Lack of purpose in your current job
  • Lack of extra spending money
  • FOMO on your own life

Understand what locking arms with Jody in business will do for you!
Jump into a free guidebook that will help you to determine if this life is the right fit for you.

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Create Options for You and Your Family

In this free guidebook, you will receive the opportunity to…

  • Become aware of your current situation and what’s possible for you.
  • Map out your dream life and determine what it really means for you.
  • Learn more about Le-Vel’s business opportunity and see if it aligns with your vision of success.
  • Get answers to your questions.
  • Understand the resources and support available to you for success.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.